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  Hard Cider
Introducing Possmann Pure Cider
The uncompromisingly perfect hard apple cider from Kelterei Possmann Frankfurt Germany. Possmann Pure Cider has a perfect balance of rich apple flavor while not to sweet and finishing dry. The flavor comes from our unique source of apples which are harvested exclusively from our 800+ farmers in the Hessen region of Germany. Our typical framer has 3 to 15 naturally occurring apple trees on their land that are not part of a cultivated orchard. These country apples provide a uniquely rich apple flavor. Try a chilled Pure Cider, no need for ice, it’s an uncompromisingly prefect hard apple cider.
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Available in 0.33 Liter (11.9 fl oz) as shown.


  Apple Wines
Frankfurter Apfelwein - Frankfurter Apple Wine Possmanns flagship product that has made the company the most recognized apple wine producer in Germany.

The Frankfurter Apple Wine is a crisp, clear wine with the distinct harmony of a tart wine with fruit flavor of the apple. Fully fermented with 5.5% alcohol by volume, the apple wine contains no additives. It is extremely low on sugar, (recommended for diabetics), as well as very low on calories. With the natural fruit acids, the wine is very soothing and enhances digestion.

Available in 1-Liter as shown.


Heisser Apfelwein - Heisser Apple Wine
(hot w/spices)

Heisser Apple Wine (hot apple wine) is a must during the winter and Christmas season. It is an aromatic drink based from apple wine with the following spices added: Cinnamon, Clove, Lemon and Sugar. This traditional recipe is very popular during the colder seasons in and around Frankfurt. 5.5% alcohol by volume.

Available in 1-Liter as shown.

Apple Juice

Country Apple Gold-Hell (gold clear)
- non alcoholic

Possmann Landappel clear is the most flavorful and best know Possmann juice within the product range. Due to the fruits used, it has an incredible flavor and aroma, which puts it far ahead of any other juice you can find. The tart apples (approximately 14 per liter) give it a fresh and not too sweet taste. Landappel -Gold-Hell- is a 100% pure juice without any additives and is pasteurized.

Available in 1-Liter bottles (34oz) at 6 per case, and in 0.33-Liter (12oz) bottles at 24 per case

Country Apple Naturtrueb (cloudy)
- non alcoholic

Landappel naturtrueb (cloudy) is 100% apple juice. It is "cloudy" due to less filtration than the clear juice. The additional pulp particles in the juice give it a very fresh apple flavor, like biting into a real apple. In a product test by a recognized consumer agency, our cloudy apple juice was awarded "the best juice of the test ", out of 40 well-known apple juice brands.

The juice is pasteurized and has added vitamin C. Available in 1-Liter (34oz) bottles at 6 per case

Country Apple fresh - non alcoholic

The latest addition to the juice range is the Landappel fresh; a refreshing sports drink and also a fine sparkling apple aperitif. This drink is a combination of our excellent cloudy juice with 30% premium sparkling water added. It contains all health benefits of a good juice plus the thirst quenching qualities of sparkling water, perfect after a workout.

Available in 1-Liter (34oz) bottles at 6 per case, as well as 0.33-Liter (12oz) at 24 per case.